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Conference Schedule

Friday, February 17
All Friday events will be held in the Hendrix Student Center, 2nd floor (Click HERE for a searchable Campus Map; HERE for a printable Campus Map)


1:30 | Welcome Address
The David Peebles Room

“Embracing Heritage. Expanding Horizons” (Stephen J. Lind, Carolina Rhetoric Conference Chair, Clemson University)


2:00 – 3:15 | Panel Sessions A

— Rhetorics and Performativity
The David Peebles Room

The Rhetoric of the Future: Enthymemes and Occupy Wall Street (Jeff Swift, North Carolina State University)

Satire, Politics and Ethos in the Digital Age: An Examination of the Rhetorical Practices of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (Samuel Fuller, Clemson University)

Rhetorics of Performance and Constraints within the Octalogs (Kelly Cooper, Clemson University)

Session Chair: Dan Liddle, Clemson University

— Rhetorics and Politics
Meeting Room “A”

[Re] [Re] [Re]-Framing Identification: Jacques Derrida, Hans-Georg Gadamer, and the Ethics of Letting Go (Nathan Street, University of South Carolina)

Minotaurs and Anarchists: Reading in the Labyrinth of Aristotle (Eric Hall, Clemson University)

Reframing American Exceptionalism: Competition and the Problem of GDP and Wealth (Jonathan Smither, College of Charleston

Session Chair: Jared Colton, Clemson University

—The Virtual(s)
Meeting Room “B”

Witnessing New Identities: The Virtual and Material Worlds of Nonprofit Imagery (Brian Harmon, University of South Carolina)

Retooling Argument in the Classroom: Pastiched Compositions (Jonathan Miracle, University of South Carolina)

Expanding Rhetorical Horizons: Beginning with the Virtualities of Urbanism (Lauren Mitchell, Clemson University)

Session Chair: John Dinolfo, Clemson University


3:30 – 4:30 | Keynote Address and First Inaugural Rhetoric Society of America Graduate Student Webinar**
McKissick Theater

Open Source Rhetoric(s) (Dr. Cynthia Haynes, Clemson University English Department)

**Non-attending participants are encouraged to participate in the Keynote/Webinar through the online dynamic text environments with live-streaming video (MOO and Twitter: @CRC_2012 // #crc12).


5:00 | Showcase Session and Reception*
Meeting Rooms A &B

*Food and drink provided

Haunted Rhetorics: Attention and Memory in Augmented Reality (Grace Hagood, University of South Carolina)

Address is Approximate—A Site-Un/Specific Installation (Anthony Stagliano, University of South Carolina)

The Dual Functionality of Shared Spaces (Drew Stowe and Dan Liddle, Clemson University)

Demonstrating 2MinuteThinker (Stephen J. Lind, Clemson University/University of Phoenix)

Quandary of the American Spectacle (Curtis Newbold, Clemson University)

Visual Essays: A New Genre in Creative Non-Fiction Filmmaking (Shirley Yu, Clemson University)

Wikipedia in the Composition Classroom: Disorienting/Reorienting Student Writing (Patricia Fancher, Clemson University)



Saturday, February 18
All Saturday events will be held in Edwards Hall (Click HERE for a searchable Campus Map; HERE for a printable Campus Map)


9:30 – 10:00 | Light Breakfast & Snacks (Edwards 308)


10:00 – 11:15 | Panel Sessions B

— Rhetorics and Existentialisms
Edwards 302

Sartre and Levinas – Ethics of Identity (Andreas Herzog, University of South Carolina)

Banalities (Jimmy Butts, Clemson University)

The Rhetoric of Political Isolation in John Milton’s England (Caitlin Holmes, Clemson University)

Session Chair: Eric Hall, Clemson University

— Comparative Rhetorics Across Media
Edwards 304

Spittin’ and Representin’: Visual Rhetoric in Hip-Hop (Keon Pettiway, East Carolina University)

The Rhetorical Role of Whiteness in a Racially Mixed Online College Class (Mary-Lynn Chambers, East Carolina University)

Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli: A Study of Italian-American Culture as it is Negatively Portrayed on Film (Matthew DeAngelis, College of Charleston)

A MEmorial to the Chilean Miners: The (W)hole Experience (Mike Utley, Emily Kudeviz, Drew Stowe, Dan Liddle, Clemson University)

Session Chair: Kelly Cooper, Clemson University


11:30 – 1:00 | Professionalization Workshops

— Professionalization Workshop A
Edwards 302

“Preparing for the Job Market” with Dr. Brian McGrath, Clemson University English department

—Professionalization Workshop B
Edwards 304

“Teaching Philosophies and Course Construction” with Dr. Scot Barnett, Clemson University English Department, and Dr. Byron Hawk, University of South Carolina English Department


1:00 – 2:00 | Lunch*
Edwards 308

*Those attending the Works-In-Progress Roundtables are encouraged to take their lunch with them to their session.


1:15 – 2:30 | Works-In-Progress Roundtable Sessions

— Works-In-Progress Roundtable #1
Edwards 310

Watching the Future Come: or what rhetoric can gain (and lose) when universities sell themselves (Matthew Boedy, University of South Carolina)

AP English and College Writing: Take Two (Elizabeth Dennis, East Carolina University)

Kairotic Encounters: Conceptual Writing in Rhetorics Discourse (Erica Fischer, University of South Carolina)

American Expansion and Its Margins (Justine Wells, University of South Carolina)

Roundtable Scholars: Dr. Steve Katz, Clemson University; Dr. Travers Scott, Clemson University

— Works-In-Progress Roundtable #2
Edwards 310

The Ethics of Dividing the Subject – The Catholic Church’s use of Silence (Mark Schaukowitch, University of South Carolina)

Towards A Rhetoric of Archival Motives (Glen Southergill, Clemson University)

#OCCUPY: Has the women’s liberation movement been occupied or is a distinct rhetorical genre rising from the ashes of social movement’s past? (William Sink, North Carolina State University)

Roundtable Scholars: Dr. David Blakesley, Clemson University; Dr. Pat Gehrke, University of South Carolina


2:45 – 4:00 | Panel Sessions C

— Burkean Extensions
Edwards 302

Analyzing Discursive Practices in Acute Patient Care: An Inquiry into the Rhetoric in Nursing Communication and Education (John Dinolfo, Clemson University)

The Ethos of Crap:’s Approach to Credibility on the Web (Samara Mouvery, North Carolina State University)

Session Chair: Mike Utley, Clemson University

— Environmental Rhetorics
Edwards 304

Toward an Ethical Biorhetoric: Writing Community in a Paradigm of Immunization (Jared Colton, Clemson University)

Rhetorics of Scale: Style and Interface in The Climate Reality Project (Brent Simoneaux, North Carolina State University)

Merging Duke Energy and Progress Energy: Examining Rhetorical Boundary Work in Nuclear Energy Discourses in the Carolinas (Meagan Kittle-Autry and Ashley R. Kelly, North Carolina State University)

Session Chair: Drew Stowe, Clemson University


4:15 – 4:45 | CRC 2013 Planning Session
Edwards 302

A hand-off meeting with the organizers of the 2012 CRC that is designed to provide a forum to reflect on what has occurred in past and present CRCs and what possibilities exist for future conferences. Especially encouraged to attend are those who may be interested in being involved in organizational committees for the 2013 and/or 2014 CRC.


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